About Us

Welcome to satta-king.io

Hello friends, you are looking at the about us page of Satta King website. In this about us page, we will provide information about the website, explain our commitments and also highlight the legal responsibilities of this website.

Satta King website satta-king.io is a result declaration website created by tech geek Rajveer Gurjar, this website fetches the results of Satta King, Gali, Desawar and other satta games with the help of API. Publishes on. 

Our Commitment

We want to say this in very clear words that we or this website have no direct connection with betting market or gambling in any way. We are not involved in gambling games in any way. 

Our work is limited to showing results only. Now some people may also have a question that if there is no connection with Satta Matka or gambling then where does the result come from, and why has this website been created? 

The answer to this question is a bit complicated. When a person or blogger creates a website, his first objective is to drive as much traffic as possible to his website from Google and other search engines. 

But this becomes possible only when you create a website on a topic about which more people search. Keeping this in mind, we did some research and then came to know that this keyword is searched a lot on Google. 

After this we searched on search engines for websites showing such results related to satta and gambling. After looking at these websites, it was found that the biggest drawback of such websites was that they were not at all good and simple in appearance. There was no arrangement for transparency and systematic arrangement of information in such websites.

To correct this shortcoming and improve the experience of users searching for this topic, we have created this website. Through this website we are able to deliver information to the users in a better way. 

This website is more secure, easier and effective than most of the websites on this topic. In this website we use API Technology to show live results. Now some people may have a question that what is API? We will talk about this clearly further in this post. 

Legal Responsibility

On this website we show the results of Satta King games using API technology. The API technology has complete control over the information displayed. We have no interference with the information shown. We only act as a platform. 

We have no legal liability for the information shown on this website. Betting companies and APIs are held accountable for the results and betting games displayed on this website, because the data visible on the website automatically comes live from here. 

We also want to tell the users of this website that we do not do any transaction of money etc. for any betting and gambling game from any side online or offline. This is only and only results website and not any betting or gambling company. 

The advertisements appearing on the website are controlled by third parties such as Google Ads. If you visit any other website through an advertisement displayed on our website, please read the privacy policy of that website carefully. We are not responsible for any harm caused by other websites.

If someone is asking you for money on social media or offline in the name of this website or is luring you in any way, then stay away from such people. Otherwise you will be responsible for any kind of fraud on your part, because our website is limited to results.

Overall this website is limited to showing results or charts of betting and gambling games. Use of information displayed on this website is at the user's own risk. We advise users of this website to exercise caution.
Betting and gambling are illegal in some states of India and some countries of the world. 

However, this website or anyone running this website is not involved in gambling. As we told you above that we only show the results using api technology. But still, if the administration of any country, state or region has any problem with our website, then you can block this website in your area. We fully respect such rules and regulations.

Our Technology

This website uses API technology to show accurate or live results. Using this technology it is possible for the website to show live results. According to estimates, API Technology collects data from betting companies to collect data. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a better user experience by creating well-organized websites with a simple interface. In this website, all the information will be available at one place in a systematic manner, so that the user will not have to wander on different websites. In the coming time, we can expand this website to show results in different languages.


If you have any questions or suggestions about satta-king.io, please contact us. We welcome your suggestions and appreciate your feedback.

Thanks and Regards, Rajveer Gurjar and satta-king.io team