Hello friends, this is the disclaimer page of our website satta king. If you are interested in our website you must read this disclaimer.

Purpose of Content

The main information published on our website Satta King is related to the satta market, in which the results of the satta market are published using API technology. But remember that we are not a betting company, the work of the website is limited only to showing results. These websites only work to deliver information to the users in a better way. If you are a staunch opponent of the betting market, and you oppose such websites, then make your target betting companies, such websites will automatically be closed.

No Gambling Services

Satta King website does not operate any kind of gambling and betting services. If someone is asking you for money in the name of a website, then stay away from such people. The information displayed on our website should not be used for any kind of financial decisions, it is against our website policies. Use your brain and discretion before taking any decision related to money. 

Responsibility for Advertising

To earn money from this website we take the help of advertisements. Use your common sense before clicking on any type of advertisement that you see on the website. Sometimes the advertisements on the website can be misleading and exaggerated, you can ignore such advertisements completely. 

The website is not responsible for the reliability of the content of advertisements or any claims made by them. People who visit our website should be careful while using any type of advertisement.

Legal Compliance and Privacy

Satta King website follows all applicable legal and regulatory norms. This website does not collect any personal information of the user. Our website may contain links to third party websites and their social media handles, this is due to API or embedded technology, therefore we or our website are responsible for the privacy policies of the third party services used on our website. Are not responsible.

Limited Liability

Use any information, links or advertisements on our website at your own risk. You will be responsible for any risk arising from the use of this website. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use our website. If you are still using our website, it will be considered as your tacit consent.

Final Thoughts

This Disclaimer may be updated from time to time as per the needs of the Website, and only the latest version of this Disclaimer will be valid. That is why you can check the disclaimer of our website from time to time. If you have any dilemma then you can contact us through contact us page.